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Because Cancer Is Too Big to Risk Going Through It Alone...

Genomic Life is an innovative benefit program that turns personal genetic insights into impactful clinical actions. Understanding your unique genome can help predict future risk, inform treatment, and drive high-impact approaches to optimize your health.

Enroll in Genomic Life to access valuable testing and services that can help prevent and manage cancer and other critical illnesses more effectively—ones not typically covered by health insurance.

  • Genetic Health Screen—identifies predisposition to developing hereditary cancers and other conditions
  • Pharmacogenomics—helps uncover how an individual responds to medications
  • Carrier Screening—detects potential risk of having a child affected by a recessive genetic disease

Starting day one of your enrollment in Genomic Life, you and your family can identify your genetic risk factor for cancer and other diseases so that you can take appropriate action to prevent and manage cancer.

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We take Cancer Personally.

It's not just DNA testing that makes personalized medicine personal. Genomic Life is your dedicated advocate in each step through the cancer journey.

Should you or your family member face a cancer diagnosis, we offer precision cancer services that deliver personalized support and expert cancer navigation resources:

  • Nurse Advocates are a critical part of the care team and navigators for all services.
  • Comprehensive Genomic Profiling identifies the right therapy for each patient, since each cancer is unique.
  • Expert Pathology Review confirms cancer diagnosis, grade, and molecular status.
  • Cancer Navigation Services include clinical trial matching

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Monthly Program Pricing

Member $24.00
Member + Spouse $48.00

*Dependents under the age of 26 are automatically covered if the member elects coverage.

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Genomic Life can transform healthcare journeys from impersonal, confusing, and stressful into personalized, predictive, and proactive experiences—providing the information and expertise to you and your doctors precisely when you need it. Learn more and enroll online today.


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